An Exemplary Approach

In recent years, our understanding of the development of the brain, and teaching methods that support the development of essential life skills, such as focus, persistence, perspective taking, communication, self-directed learning, and problem solving have grown exponentially. 

At St. Saviour’s we have combined our knowledge of developmentally appropriate practices with multiple meaningful curricula.  We apply this foundational approach to each child’s learning trajectory.  It is here, in these early years, that we help children to grow confident in their capacities and positive in their approach to learning, the precursors to a lifelong mindset of creative thinking, questioning, inquiry––all components of a rewarding life.

Our small, intimate environment allows us to know each child, appreciating his or her unique abilities.  We maintain excellent teacher to student ratios to maximize child involvement.  These ratios allow us to tailor teaching supports to the needs of each individual child. With the support and guidance of a highly qualified and professional staff, we expand each child’s world.

Our activity centers-based environment allows all of our children the opportunity to engage together at various activities of their own choosing.  We endeavor to provide a learning environment that is attuned to the needs and success of all of our children.  This joyful atmosphere of children fully engaged in play supports both the individual child’s experience and the collective experience of the class.  Rich provocations and deep investigations of a topic provide opportunities to integrate learning across curriculum threads while following the interests of the children.

Give the pupils something to do, not something to learn; and the doing is of such a nature to demand thinking; learning naturally results.
— John Dewey, educator and philosopher