Classroom family sharing event

Classroom family sharing event

What does it mean to be a st. saviour's family?

At St. Saviour’s our goal is to get to know your child, understand them, and appreciate who they are. Each child’s family is critical to this effort.

Ongoing two-way communication and community-building is at the center of our relationship with families. We strive for a reciprocal relationship, where teachers incorporate what is happening at home and in the family in their work in the classroom.

We also offer educational events and resources to our families––from mindfulness activities to reflections in our community newsletter, so that they feel supported and nurtured in their own learning journey as parents.  

Guest parent reader

Guest parent reader

Opportunities for Family involvement

Warm, welcoming, friendly, supportive––this is how our community is described by current parents and alumni. Much of this atmosphere emanates from the enthusiastic involvement of our families in classroom activities and parent events.

All parents are automatically members of the St. Saviour’s Parents Association, which brings families together to make new friendships and cement old relationships at the Fall and Spring Parent Socials, Parent Association Speaker Series, Mom's Night Out, Dad’s Night Out, Fall Pumpkin Patch Outing, and the Spring Family Ice Cream Social, as well as monthly volunteer opportunities. School committees are suited to individual interests and time allowances. We have on-going committees, and also one-time, remote projects.

Parents are also invited to serve as guest readers, to join the class for lunch, or to lead a craft or cooking activity––rewarding opportunities to connect with your child and their classmates.

A visit to the Old Greenwich Farmer’s Market

A visit to the Old Greenwich Farmer’s Market

Our Local Community

St. Saviour’s is situated in the heart of Old Greenwich: within walking or biking distance to the beach at Tod’s Point, the Old Greenwich Elementary School, village, and train station.

Our location offers our children a unique neighborhood experience––an ideal vantage point for inquiry and exploration. From class outings to Sweet Pea’s Bakery to investigate how donuts are made to learning how excavators work through a first-hand observation of the Sound Beach Avenue paving project, we encourage our students to explore the community––and world––around them.   

Our legacy

Over the course of our more than 45 year history, St. Saviour's families have created strong bonds that continue for years to come. Many happily refer to this as the time when they met their closest friends, parent and child alike.

A warm, supported community, where the foundations of learning are established and nurtured, is our goal, and our decades of alumni students and families can speak to our proud legacy––which is still unfolding.