Our Programs

A Typical Day at St. Saviour's .....

Arriving by bicycle, on foot or by car our families arrive to our classrooms where the children are greeted by their teachers and begin their morning routine. After stowing their belongings, washing their hands and having a snack, children sign-in and begin to work with classmates. Small group time follows, where the children discuss the plan for the day, delve into a story or a project topic and share their ideas. Next is center time where the classroom really begins to hum with exploration, investigation and partnered activities.

Children are free to make independent choices, but are encouraged to try new things. Teachers  guide, support and encourage as the children delve into new experiences. After clean-up time, there is hearty outdoor play in our large multisensory playground. Our older classes return to their classroom for lunch and a reflection of the day’s events.


Program for Two's

Children who are two by June 30, 2019

  Tuesday/Thursday           9:00-12:00            Class of 8 children              3 teachers


Program for Young Three's and Older Two’s

Children who turn 3 fall 2019  (if considering a later entry to kindergarten) and Children who are two by March 31, 2019 

   Mon/Wed/Fri                  9:00-12:00            Class of 8 children              3 teachers


program for three's

 Monday-Friday            9:00-12:45              Class of 16 children          3 teachers

If you are interested in a three day option for your young three-year-old, please inquire about our three day option above. 


Program for four's and Five's

Monday-Friday                9:00-12:45             Class of 16 children         3 teachers

Children attend five days and bring and eat their lunch together as a class.


Mondays through Thursdays children in this age group may extend their day until 1:55p.m attending either our Young Mathematicians or Young Investigators programs.